Golden Greats Vol. 7

by John Ralston



Both tracks were recorded while living in Abingdon. And, while I loved living there, these songs are (SPOILER ALERT!) depressing as hell. So, clearly, not indicative of my Virginia experience. But, you know, strikes and gutters. Good days always outweigh the bad.

I remember though that when I recorded Mr. Tightrope Talks it made me want to record a whole bunch of tracks with this kind of vibe/instrumentation. And the fingerpicking on The Hole sort of renewed my interest in that style of playing. Me like rock roll, but also this style.

One of my favorite photos of all-time by Monica this month. And Jacob again with brilliant design. Enjoy!


released July 31, 2015

Photography: Monica McGivern
Design: Jacob Kaplan
Mission Assist: Camp Thunderbee Records



all rights reserved


John Ralston Lake Worth, Florida

"The pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle."

"Give me a stringbean I'm a hungry man. Shotgun fired and away I ran."

-Uncle Robert

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Track Name: Mr. Tightrope Talks
The birds are singing Summer. But the snow lies in the waiting. It's like I can hear the thunder when blue skies are here all day. It's these paranoid blues, Lord. I know the spells I'm under. Like breathin through a vice-grip tightened around my airway.

I believe in peace and love, Lord. Though I never see it, sometimes. I can't comprehend the vision that these big war men have in their minds. It must be paranoid blues, Lord. And not the "micro" kind like mine. Please break their fingers on the trigger. Won't you set their teeth to grind?

So, I'm dreaming of a heaven on earth tonight.
Track Name: The Hole
I was another one until I found the hole. Now I'm scratchin at my skin and never can get full.
And it was another time - one I know so well. I can't get the feeling back. Stuck here in a hell.

Angel in my arms tonight. Butcher in my brain. I can't stand the little clouds that make the lightning rain.