Golden Greats Vol. 11

by John Ralston

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This month features one of the oldest songs I've written (Side A) and the newest (Side B).

Originally demoed in December 2008. I always liked this song, but it never made the cut for whatever reason. I think we even listened to the demo again when recording Shadows of the Summertime, but we never went down this path. I played it for my friend Steve Kleisath a few months back, who really took the thing and ran with it. We completely recut everything. Steve had a vision for it and we went with it. Chris Wood contributes some electric guitars again. Really happy with how this turned out. Even if it took 7 years. :)

This is the most recently written track. I originally wrote the 2nd part of this suite and sent it to Steve Copeletti. Steve had the idea to write a 3 part suite. Lots of friends and family sang and played on this.


released November 19, 2015

Steve Kleisath: Drums
Chris "Woody" Wood: Electric Guitars

Kay Ralston: Vocals, Piano
Rob Sloan: Vocals
Chris "Woody" Wood: Electric Guitars
Steev Rullman: Vocals
Valerie diValentin: Vocals
Production: Steve Copeletti

Photography: Monica McGivern
Design: Jacob Kaplan
Mission Assist: Steev Rullman and Camp Thunderbee Records



all rights reserved


John Ralston Lake Worth, Florida

"The pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle."

"Give me a stringbean I'm a hungry man. Shotgun fired and away I ran."

-Uncle Robert

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Track Name: Where Did I Go To Lose So Much Time?
I'll be expecting strangers when I come home.
Wrapped up in tiny dangers, all skin and bone.
Where did I go? Where did I go to lose so much time? So much time. Where did I go?

I guess that I've been moving for so long that I cannot tell heaven from hell, or the day from the night.
Where did I go? Where did I go to lose so much time? So much time. Where did I go?

Whoa. Now I'm a wolf, a carrion bird, an ashtray of cigarettes. Or, the side of the moon the other world sees while you're sleeping in your bed.

So much time. So much time. All my time, where did I go?
Track Name: Pure Blue Light Suite
Blue is the color just for you, love
Blue light, bright and shining through the trees
In the lovely dark of forest, where the leaves all gently chorus
Your blue light is the only light I see